The Art of Influence & Negotiation

MAX Session

Effective influence and negotiation skills aren’t just for lawyers and salesmen. By learning and leveraging these skills, business professionals at every level can realize winning outcomes for themselves and their companies. In this short session, we’ll explore the dynamics of influence, dispel the myths and fears associated with negotiating, and present ideas to help conference-goers utilize their personal power with confidence.

Attendees will learn

  • Identify the six principles of influence.
  • Develop a strong ASK and delivering it with confidence.
  • Learn about different negotiation frameworks.
  • Understand the role that time plays in negotiations.

About your speaker

Maisha Christian Hagan

As a professional services marketer, Director, and member of an executive leadership team, Maisha has been responsible for implementing and achieving strategic goals for multi-million dollar companies. And for as long as she can remember, Maisha has been deeply committed to mentoring and coaching others and helping them achieve their goals - both through formal groups and informal connections. While she doesn’t have all the answers, Maisha can offer insights, strategies, and wisdom from 20+ years of living and learning.