How to Transform Your Firm's Hit Rate Through Marketing Leadership

Business Development

Over the years, Affinis has honed their business development strategy, bringing their proposal hit rate to 40 percent. In this session, Rick and Peggy will share the steps they have taken to have marketing and technical staff work together to improve their sales process. They will discuss how they use data to inform their decisions and have translated their approach into winning proposals.

Find out how to effectively qualify leads and establish long-term relationships. Gather tips on how to effectively present your ideas using data and research to make yourself an indispensable part of the go/no-go process. Walk away with actionable ideas on how you can transform your business by leveraging marketing leadership.

Attendees will learn

  • Learn how to integrate marketing into business decision making.
  • Discover how to more effectively qualify leads.
  • Find out how to leverage data to inform sales and marketing decisions.

About your speakers

Peggy Amor, CPSM

For 7 years, Peggy and Rick have been pushing the limits of small firm marketing. Their business, Affinis Corp, is a civil engineering and land surveying company focused on moving communities forward. Peggy, the firm’s marketing manager, has always been interested in numbers. She has earned a seat at the table by working collaboratively with the technical team to sift through the data.

Peggy has served on the SMPS Kansas City Chapter board for 8 years and is currently Chapter President. She is also a graduate of Truman State University and is married with two daughters.

Rick Worrel, PE

As president of Affinis Corp, Rick has always been passionate about marketing. With a background in engineering, working with a CPSM has taught him how to selectively target projects and build better proposals.

Rick currently serves on the board of the American Council of Engineering Companies of Kansas and is their national director. He is a graduate of the University of Kansas and is married with three daughters and three grandchildren.