Empathy & Energy: The Neuroscience of Better BD

Business Development

Are you losing work you should be winning? Struggling to get buy-in from colleagues or to retain your top talent? Finding it difficult to command the attention of your listeners? Well, perhaps you’re struggling because you’re sharing facts without any feeling!

Many professionals prefer to leave emotions out of communication. However, studies show that information presented with emotional energy is significantly more likely to move your listeners into action. It’s all about Empathy & Energy, and your body holds the key to activating both of these foundational principles of effective communication.

So, let’s unpack the neuroscience behind Empathy and Energy in this highly interactive workshop. We’ll guide you through dynamic games and exercises that’ll move you to powerfully connect with others and to positively affect not only your own emotional energy but your listener’s energy as well

Attendees will learn

  • Participants will explore Giacomo Rizzolatti’s mirror neuron theories and the Facial Feedback Hypothesis as they practice and develop emotional empathy skills to strengthen their communication abilities.
  • Participants will discover how they can maneuver their body to create energy that can change the internal state of not only themselves but of other people.
  • Participants will apply the Laban Movement Analysis model to their default movement patterns and make adjustments to facilitate better communication.
  • Participants will walk away with practical suggestions for how to apply this new information at their offices.

About your speaker

Joe Masi

Joe Masi, Freedom Finder with Graceworks, has been leading individuals and groups towards greater freedom and healthier living for more than 20 years. As a coach, counselor and actor, he is a behavior change expert, helping clients use their mind, body and voice in new and more expressive ways. Joe holds graduate degrees in counseling and drama and maintains national certifications in Energy Leadership and Exercise Methodologies. He strategically guides clients through dynamic exercises that address and re-wire their default neurological patterns that keep them fixed in limiting behaviors.

With Graceworks, Joe has trained hundreds of AEC professionals in general training workshops and has been coaching teams for shortlist interviews. Referred to often as the “Gentle Giant,” Joe’s coaching is infused with a ton of heart and just the right amount of muscle.

And, you can see him in Law and Order, Season 14. He’s the bad guy. What!?!?